The Killing Never Left Him


As the spade bit into virgin earth
Spilling the rich red dirt forth
He wondered at the likeness
To the last time he’d killed a man

Ten years prior, and only a moment past
His machine gun rattle had ended
And so had the poor fools life
Someone poor and bereft taken from this earth

Somehow he’d kept his sanity
Somehow he’d kept his name
The people of this world he knew
Would destroy it all in vain

The peace had come on forcibly
Do this or end as well
He wondered at the irony
Of peace’s knelling bell

So the spade chewed up the deep red earth
And his mind it churned and tumbled
And every single night he slept
With his nightmares softly mumbled

The killing had never left him
Despite all that he’d done
Everything he’d seen here
Proved the war was never won

The spade hit stone as he realised
He’d been digging all damn day
The hole too deep for tree roots
He’d need to fill some other way

It was then that the poor man realised
He’d finally dug his own grave
The ten years spent in exile
Time to build up his brave

And so he took his weapon
And knew just what to do
The killing never left him
As it won’t with you

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Harmonious Hate


Presumption of pain
And indolent ignorance
Converging to create
Psychopathic indifference
Joyfully journey
Into other lands
Do not presume
To take from their hands
The feed and freedom
Desperate desire
War always wrong
A bloody quagmire
Hate and intolerance
And misunderstanding
‘Til it doesn’t matter
Who is left standing
So discard your hate
Misplaced in any case
Look to your leaders
Lying to your face
Displaced and discordant
Garrulous guerillas
Nuclear nihilation
From our own flotillas
Raining retribution
Harmonious hate
Ignobly ignored
Sealed our own fate

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Old Love


Is it so wrong to question the reason
Why little old ladies
Push in line, any season
Is it just disregard for their fellow man
Or the rules we live by
They push where they can

Perhaps I’m being silly
Perhaps I’m at fault,
Is it my aura
My attempt at gestalt

OR maybe, just maybe
The little old lady
Hunched and shrivelled and pale
Has come to realise that which we all fail

The line is a myth
Enforced by perception
You can see the flaws inherent
With little dissection

Because we are all animals
Beasts, even vermin perhaps
The little old lady just knows that’s the acts

So push in my friends,
Go on I dare you
What’s the worst that could happen
What will they do if you fail to

Push in, push in
The old love knows this
Or enjoy polite society
Quietly taking the piss

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Wonder Filled Wandering

love v lust

Solipsistic sondering
Wonder filled wandering
It’s a great time to be alive
And filled to the brim with life

And yet love eludes
And confuses
Tears down hope
And simultaneously
Builds it up
And up

Until the hope is just as powerful
As the love that might be
And yet, she doesn’t love you
At least not yet

A woman like that needs to be won
Not wined and dined
But no battles are being fought
Not any more

So how to convince without conniving
How to cajole without convening
A circus of idiots and fools
Perhaps that would help
In the end
Perhaps that would be the final straw

Because she is worth it
Every single flaw
Is a masterpiece upon her visage
She is perfect, as no one can be
Distance adds and increases
Lust as much as love

Or even more
Lust a powerful objective
Love is the reflective
A view into one’s own soul

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Winter’s Malcontent


The winter sat heavy upon those people although they never knew
The sunshine and warmth obscured the truth as they downed another brew
Their lots decided years before, their actions all in check
Society the death of innovation, and the curse of the young
And the reckless
And the pained
And somewhere inside, he knew that the words were not enough
So he took up that deadly staff
Fire spinning from his hands in deadly retribution
And disjointed
Near indecipherable, and yet within it all the truth dawned
It became suddenly clear,
There were others to hold the burden, others to lighten the load
But only if he could lighten theirs…

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