Snow Crash (1992) by Neal Stevenson



Snow Crash is, simply, an astounding book. In what could be seen as a futuristic satire or a cybepunk wet dream, Stephenson tells the story of a world that has taken alot of the ‘crazy’ elements that were becoming prevalent in the 90’s and enhanced them till they are at a whole other level of crazy. Pizza delivery, skaters, Mafia, franchises and the internet all make up big parts of the novel and the changes that have happened in this ‘world’ have been drastic and strange.

The Mafia/Yakuza/CIA run city states within the ruined hulk that is America in this dystopian world. Pizza delivery has become a fine art and skaters rule the streets as couriers delivering packages not trusted to ’employees’. The internet has become a virtual world where avatars can do basically anything u can think of (as long as you can program it). The American government is predominantly gone and the ‘franchises’ that offer protection within the city states they control are simple extensions of existing ‘criminal organisations’ that have filled the roll of government with varying degrees of success.

One thing I really love about this book is the character names. The main character’s name is Hiro Protagonist. He lives with a singer called Vitali Chernobyl. The main female character calls herself YT (stands for yours truly). The names throughout the book are great and they add a sense of fun to the proceedings.

All in all snow Crash deserves is place in the scifi halls of fame and is definitely worth a read.

5 stars.


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