Angel’s Flight (1999) by Michael Connelly



Bosch is king.

Review done.

Seriously though, I can’t get enough of Harry Bosch. The hard boiled detective seems to take the hard path in each of Connelly’s novels but manages to make it through by sheer effort of will. Angel’s Flight is the sixth book in the Bosch series and out of the seven or eight I’ve read it was certainly the most brutal. Bosch always seems to leave a wake of dead good and bad guys in his wake and Angel’s Flight sets a new standard.

A prominent lawyer who specialises in suing the police is found murdered and all of Los Angeles is set to devolve into rioting and looting. Harry Bosch and his team are called in to investigate every lead be it a civilian or cop. At least that is what is said. Deputy chief Irvin Irving is a master of saying one thing and meaning another.

In true Connelly form there are multiple cases being worked on at once and Bosch seems more stressed than usual. This could be due to a number of factors. L.A is on the verge of self consumption. Elanor Wish has been running back to the cards and felt. Bosch has quit smoking. Everything is falling apart.

But don’t worry. Bosch will save the day. Because it’s Bosch.

I watched the pilot for the new Bosch tv show and I really hope that it gets picked up for more episodes.

My favorite book in the Bosch series so far. Recommended.

4 stars.


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