I used to love to love
Back when I lived.
That was before all this
Pain and despair.
The anguish unbearable,
Incessant, forever.
Never ending mistake
Never beginning forgiveness
Always in turn,
The line starts back there.
How shall I compare thee
To a summer breeze?
To a shallow grave
Turned sod, no marker
Nothing is written in stone
Excepting that which is
Expecting that which is not
Hoping beyond hope,
Dreaming beyond means.
Fractals in flight
Fear to fuck
Fight to free
Yourself from the muck
From the pain
And suffering
And hope
Denial is king
And the king is strong
The kingdom of bones
Grows ever long
Justified and legal
No problems here
Where do you get off?
How do I get there.
Antichrist acoming
Jesus already dead
Mamon wants your soul,
But he’ll settle for your head.
Burn the heretic,
Destroy the witch,
Just one time
Don’t be such a bitch.
Hard, ready, reliable,
Time to earn that pay
Sometimes it’s just not worth it
At the end of the day


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