The Words I Say


Frankly I feel I fucked it
I’m sure you feel the same
But that is the issue isn’t it
Can’t help but feel the pain

What if it was none of us
But rather the tacit thrust
Of words upon our lives
Us giving in to trust

The words are fire
Burning through the skin
Far and yet further
We use the words to win

But sadly they have power
An inherent, overwhelming force
Use them lightly at your peril
The power from words divorced

If you feel it also
Please understand we must
Take the power from the words
Before we all are bust

Sticks and stones mean nothing
The words our only king
The words in the vow
More powerful than the ring

So please speak carefully hence
Lest we all burn in your words
Don’t forget the fire
It consumes at least two thirds

In the end it doesn’t matter
You won’t listen anyway
My words aren’t yet that powerful
My diction holds no sway

All I need to do is
Take them off the shelf
The words I say have power
Mostly on myself


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