Concept Art For New Short Story – Coming Soon


My new short story is almost finished and I thought I would put up a piece of concept art. (Clearly I should stick to writing…)

What happens when the world’s first Quadrillionaire decides that the Earth needs to be saved from humanity? What happens when the very truths you hold dear to turn out to be a lie? Fal, Lack, Dareon and Aten live in a world where a building the size of long dead Everest holds the last vestiges of humanity, safe from the nuclear wasteland raging outside. Goah’s Ark is a cautionary tale that asks “If your ideas need force to function, are they worth anything to begin with?”

Goah’s Ark
by Adam Bennett

Coming soon.

To support Adam’s work, please visit Patreon, donate a dollar to a hungry author, and go into the draw to be interviewed as the basis for a character in a new short story.
Also, if anyone would like to collaborate on turning this concept into actual art to potentially be published alongside the story (full credit given if that happens), please feel free to message me.Thanks heaps


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