Words Have Power


FREAK-uently I wonder

           Is this the way

That the             beginning began
           Or perhaps the big bang

Never happened any more
Than the        big band
Phase   and   perhaps the worst

Part is I don’t know what’s real and what’s truth and what’s the meaning of all this emotion

And in part    I suppose
All that I    know is
That all of this   prose
And Poe-et-tree
Is screaming and shouting
Into the wind
How could you hear me above
All this noise
And pollution

Reckless abandon
Looking back is for wimps
Looking forward is for chumps
There is only the moment
Besides this surely isn’t how poetry is done, it cannot be, perhaps there’s been some mistake

Back to the moment
It’s an important notion
To comprehend
You need to take the leap
Roll with the punches
And when you’re old and grey and wrinkled adn perhaps even dying
And you cannot stand
Your neighbours any longer
Because your back

And pains
And word associations
Remember if only to organise your thoughts because poor planning builds a scramble of words

Utterly Incomprehensible

If words have power
This message trumps all others
Frankly I’m bored

Where is that nice socialism

I’m on board

Back in the days of Romans
When Art was a thing
I guess that wasn’t needed
But then, nor was a King
Heed this poem wisely, or throw it the fuck away, I don’t give a damn; Poetry’s fucking dumb


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