Old Love


Is it so wrong to question the reason
Why little old ladies
Push in line, any season
Is it just disregard for their fellow man
Or the rules we live by
They push where they can

Perhaps I’m being silly
Perhaps I’m at fault,
Is it my aura
My attempt at gestalt

OR maybe, just maybe
The little old lady
Hunched and shrivelled and pale
Has come to realise that which we all fail

The line is a myth
Enforced by perception
You can see the flaws inherent
With little dissection

Because we are all animals
Beasts, even vermin perhaps
The little old lady just knows that’s the acts

So push in my friends,
Go on I dare you
What’s the worst that could happen
What will they do if you fail to

Push in, push in
The old love knows this
Or enjoy polite society
Quietly taking the piss

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