The Path of Most Resistance


The path of most resistance
A desperate insistence to be
And to have and to hold
Boldly going where only a few have gone before
Because that is the essence
The inherent wisdom
The very meaning of life itself
A willingness to say No!
I will go my own way
I will take this path instead
And if I fail
There is worse than being dead
I could never have attempted
To live
To love
Or to simply exist
And that would be worse in every way
Worse than all the slings and arrows
Worse than all the sticks and stones
My biggest regret
Would be to have never tried
Never attempted life in the way I saw fit
Never seen if I could fail more spectacularly
Than any come before
Because without the shadow of abject failure
How could you hope for pure victory
How could you hope for adoring adulation
How could you hope


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