winner, winner


Love this


A wise man once told me
To visualise money
As fried chicken dinners
“To keep things in perspective”

And then when I thought
Of how much chicken I’d bought
I wondered how many chicken dinners
Does one person NEED?

So I did some mathematics
And I came to equating
That the average consumer


Based on two chicken dinners
Every week

And face it you’d be lucky to get through that lot without getting, you know, sick of it…

From the time one is sixteen
And earning some money
Or at least bloody well should be
If they want to “go anywhere in life”

Until the time one is seventy six
Though you probably won’t get there
If you eat two fried chicken dinners
Every week

So I skimmed down my summing
To six thousand even
Cos I couldn’t be bothered
With starting again

And then I visualised deeply

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