Pens Cut Deeper Than Swords


Why do I do this?

Perform self flagellation

Mutilation upon oneself

Tear away layers

Revealing and telling

But somehow not truth

Askew and somehow distant

Awkward at parties

Where did the rhyme go

Make myself sick

Remember the feeling

Maybe this time it’ll stick


Time for a change

Feel it inside

Those without conscience

They cannot hide

Peace and Forgiveness

It has it’s own weight

The revolutions happening

Just give us a date




I am becoming,
Beware my looming presence,
I am becalming,
Intercede at God’s behest,
Bejewelled or beheaded,
Cord at neck always strong,
Mort Gage a modern hangman,
Death Chain can do no wrong,
Psychoactive pharmaceuticals,
Psychopathic presidentials,
Modern media misery malaise,
Bombing innocents for billionaire indolents,
The banksters have got their ways.
Frequent financial fluctuation,
Left and right overtly wrong,
30 billion in overdraft,
This blatant theft’s thrived too long,
Kar-something-ans on MTV,
The music is all gone,
Don McLean knew what happened,
The world just sang along,
Get Ghandi, Malcolm X, Lennon, and Luther King,
Said a sadistic smile,
Never let their message spread,
Not one old school mile,
Peace prize winners in digital gulag,
They shunned the status quo,
History’s always repeating,
Pattern lost on Average Joe,
Time and time immemorial,
Life out of mind,
Lost on your spiritual journey? Don’t worry,
All the proper gods’ roads boast signs,
False flags, false idols,
Internet idiots inbound,
When will this sick dream end,
The answer’s already found,
Deviate, just a little,
And the system will crash on down,
Deviate, I beg of you,
Become the talk of town.


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