Intolerant Joy


Days gone past
Belief was simple
And necessary
And necessarily
We fell in line
The object
Of abject horror
Was our downfall
And the means
Of our salvation

Today it has changed
Belief is scorned
Those who believe
Need to be burned
Their sickness
Could contaminate us all
The masses indoctrinated
And inoculated
And yet we are all
The children of God

Should a war be fought
Against all war
Or does it make
A little more sense
To simply ignore
To simply live
In tolerance of intolerance
A sick belief that will
Eventually burn itself
From existence

Some would say
That is naiveté
At its finest
But these are the same
Folks who don’t believe
Don’t understand
And wouldn’t care to
Thier spiritual journey
Stolen long ago

That is the shame of it
And there is no blame for it
For to point one’s finger
In some kind of sick judgement
Some perverse exposé
Would be to lower yourself
Into the muck
The river of hate
Current so swift
You couldn’t help
But be swept away

Fill your heart
With an intolerant joy
And the beauty
Inherent in things
The change might take
One thousand years
But it will come
As long as you make
The change this very day
Love over Hate
Is the only way

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Pens Cut Deeper Than Swords


Why do I do this?

Perform self flagellation

Mutilation upon oneself

Tear away layers

Revealing and telling

But somehow not truth

Askew and somehow distant

Awkward at parties

Where did the rhyme go

Make myself sick

Remember the feeling

Maybe this time it’ll stick


Time for a change

Feel it inside

Those without conscience

They cannot hide

Peace and Forgiveness

It has it’s own weight

The revolutions happening

Just give us a date

That Old Fear Dance


Living in fear
Despite no one around
No one to hurt you
Face pressed to ground
And surprise ain’t forthcoming
Not on my behalf
You sold out to the fear
It’s been a year and a half
Since you saw that
Terrible sight
I don’t know what
Perhaps a terrible fight

A terrible fright
For you and yours
And now you want vengeance
But without any risk
Now you want freedom
Are you taking the piss
Family is utmost
And you just killed theirs
But the bombings don’t matter
They aren’t the cause
It’s just that Fear friend
The fear it is powerful
And palpable
And palatable and potable also
They’ll jam it down your throat
Any which way

News about porn stars and
Chocolate labradors
Mass media’s horn trumpets
News about whores
But where is the content
That addresses the why
Of all the fear
Felt by you and I.

There are but two emotions
From which all others stem
Our receptors are broken
We can’t feel one of them
Fear and fear, and FEAR alike
Rule our lives now
I’d say let the Love in
But I don’t know how

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