Bombing for Peace


Arrogant and mislead
And never in doubt
Their honesty phoney
Covered up with their clout

If you watch their program
Programmed you’ll be
Dumbed down and ignorant
Take it from me

Their lies know no limits
Sinister smiles all around
Cue cards read for paychecks
No integrity to be found

Lies lead to hatred
And hatred to war
War brings dead children
And yet you want more

More bombs and invasions
To keep yourself safe
More lies and more hatred
Ignored stinging chafe

You’re force fed their dogma
From six until ten
Each night a dog and pony
To hide their evil den

Don’t worry your pretty head
I’m sure it’ll be fine
Someone will fix it
And tear down the shrine

The war comes from money
And money’s in command
But Big Money loves us
They’ll hear our demand

Surely they’ll listen
Hear our heartfelt plea
Stop dropping bombs
Before the bomb’s aimed at me


‘Unseen Eyes’ Review from


I recently found a review from of an anthology one of my Short Stories ‘Unseen Eyes’ is featured in and I couldn’t be happier. The review talks about all of the different stories included, and they seemed to like mine the most which is flattering and amazing. Very cool.

Read the review here.

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That Old Fear Dance


Living in fear
Despite no one around
No one to hurt you
Face pressed to ground
And surprise ain’t forthcoming
Not on my behalf
You sold out to the fear
It’s been a year and a half
Since you saw that
Terrible sight
I don’t know what
Perhaps a terrible fight

A terrible fright
For you and yours
And now you want vengeance
But without any risk
Now you want freedom
Are you taking the piss
Family is utmost
And you just killed theirs
But the bombings don’t matter
They aren’t the cause
It’s just that Fear friend
The fear it is powerful
And palpable
And palatable and potable also
They’ll jam it down your throat
Any which way

News about porn stars and
Chocolate labradors
Mass media’s horn trumpets
News about whores
But where is the content
That addresses the why
Of all the fear
Felt by you and I.

There are but two emotions
From which all others stem
Our receptors are broken
We can’t feel one of them
Fear and fear, and FEAR alike
Rule our lives now
I’d say let the Love in
But I don’t know how

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