Gaze into Azure


A goddess no mere words could hope to capture
And yet the poet, he must try
Strive to snare her in his net of finely woven words
Reaching for the stars that shine dimly in comparison
It isn’t that she is beautiful
Although such description falls desperately short
Nor that her face could easily be compared to the high noon sun
There is something more to her than simple beauty
She makes beauty seem mundane
No, this extramortal being is transcendent of such petty things
She is flowers and music and lightning
A smile to put all others to shame
She is the fox and the wolf and the eagle
Animalistic and primal to her core
She dances as if carried upon the breeze and yet
She stands as mountains wreathed in moonlight
A whirlwind, a cacophony, a swirling dervish
And somehow a shimmering glassine pool
Undisturbed and reflective
The poet gazes into azure and sees
Sees the truth of himself and all the world around
The truth is so evident he wonders how he missed it before
How the world cannot see what has been made so clear
Something in the muse’s eye has awakened him
Stirred that which he hid long ago, even from himself
Especially from himself, and the hidden now revealed
The poet can breathe his last in openness and prosperity
A smile on his lips and a skip in his heart


Bombing for Peace


Arrogant and mislead
And never in doubt
Their honesty phoney
Covered up with their clout

If you watch their program
Programmed you’ll be
Dumbed down and ignorant
Take it from me

Their lies know no limits
Sinister smiles all around
Cue cards read for paychecks
No integrity to be found

Lies lead to hatred
And hatred to war
War brings dead children
And yet you want more

More bombs and invasions
To keep yourself safe
More lies and more hatred
Ignored stinging chafe

You’re force fed their dogma
From six until ten
Each night a dog and pony
To hide their evil den

Don’t worry your pretty head
I’m sure it’ll be fine
Someone will fix it
And tear down the shrine

The war comes from money
And money’s in command
But Big Money loves us
They’ll hear our demand

Surely they’ll listen
Hear our heartfelt plea
Stop dropping bombs
Before the bomb’s aimed at me

The Killing Never Left Him


As the spade bit into virgin earth
Spilling the rich red dirt forth
He wondered at the likeness
To the last time he’d killed a man

Ten years prior, and only a moment past
His machine gun rattle had ended
And so had the poor fools life
Someone poor and bereft taken from this earth

Somehow he’d kept his sanity
Somehow he’d kept his name
The people of this world he knew
Would destroy it all in vain

The peace had come on forcibly
Do this or end as well
He wondered at the irony
Of peace’s knelling bell

So the spade chewed up the deep red earth
And his mind it churned and tumbled
And every single night he slept
With his nightmares softly mumbled

The killing had never left him
Despite all that he’d done
Everything he’d seen here
Proved the war was never won

The spade hit stone as he realised
He’d been digging all damn day
The hole too deep for tree roots
He’d need to fill some other way

It was then that the poor man realised
He’d finally dug his own grave
The ten years spent in exile
Time to build up his brave

And so he took his weapon
And knew just what to do
The killing never left him
As it won’t with you

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Pens Cut Deeper Than Swords


Why do I do this?

Perform self flagellation

Mutilation upon oneself

Tear away layers

Revealing and telling

But somehow not truth

Askew and somehow distant

Awkward at parties

Where did the rhyme go

Make myself sick

Remember the feeling

Maybe this time it’ll stick


Time for a change

Feel it inside

Those without conscience

They cannot hide

Peace and Forgiveness

It has it’s own weight

The revolutions happening

Just give us a date

Day One


Day One might end up taking seven
It’s already taken three
The idea is a mystery
Why I do this stuff to me

What will it take
Freedom at last
Is that too much
To fucking ask

War wagers pay wages
Of a dollar or three
To kids making bullets
To kids taking bullets
To mothers and sons
And brothers and sisters
Of the dead ones

Frankly im sickened
Force is unfounded
Adept and novice
Are equally threatened
By greed unbounded
By faith unfounded
People using words to
Lure the others
Use lies to tell truth
The other way smothers

Creativity and wit
Are the tokens for life
Any other pursuit
Will surely bring strife

All in all
I guess you might say
Day One is Messy
Try again Wednesday

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Words Have Power


FREAK-uently I wonder

           Is this the way

That the             beginning began
           Or perhaps the big bang

Never happened any more
Than the        big band
Phase   and   perhaps the worst

Part is I don’t know what’s real and what’s truth and what’s the meaning of all this emotion

And in part    I suppose
All that I    know is
That all of this   prose
And Poe-et-tree
Is screaming and shouting
Into the wind
How could you hear me above
All this noise
And pollution

Reckless abandon
Looking back is for wimps
Looking forward is for chumps
There is only the moment
Besides this surely isn’t how poetry is done, it cannot be, perhaps there’s been some mistake

Back to the moment
It’s an important notion
To comprehend
You need to take the leap
Roll with the punches
And when you’re old and grey and wrinkled adn perhaps even dying
And you cannot stand
Your neighbours any longer
Because your back

And pains
And word associations
Remember if only to organise your thoughts because poor planning builds a scramble of words

Utterly Incomprehensible

If words have power
This message trumps all others
Frankly I’m bored

Where is that nice socialism

I’m on board

Back in the days of Romans
When Art was a thing
I guess that wasn’t needed
But then, nor was a King
Heed this poem wisely, or throw it the fuck away, I don’t give a damn; Poetry’s fucking dumb


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